Process Advisory Services

Process Assessment & Benchmark

Assess your current process performance and highlight potential improvements.

Factors to consider include:

  • Identifying bottlenecks & manual re-work 
  • Improving efficiency & effectiveness
  • Processing audit & compliance
  • Reducing costs & wastages
  • Streamlining customer or employee experiences

Process Mining & Analysis

Process mining is a technique of analyzing past business processes to accurately identify areas of process improvement with data.

Process mining can be used in many ways:

  • To pinpoint which areas of the business are working well or underperforming for recovery action to be taken
  • To precisely identify how to improve your company’s current processes
  • To design, implement & improve business  processes 
  • To analyze busineses, map process flows &  optimize processes

Process Standardization & Compliance

Assess process maturity and standardize processes across functional areas

Important aspects to consider:

  • Process Architecture/Mapping end-to-end (Process Cataloging System)
  • Central Repository of Processes
  • Process Standardization
  • Process Maturity Assessment/Performance
  • Compliance & Process Adherance Analysis

Digital Process Automation

Digital process automation is the use of software to automate business processes.

It can be used to improve the efficiency of a business process and, more importantly, its accuracy. Digital process automation tools help businesses create automated workflows that eliminate manual steps, reduce errors and increase productivity.

Digital process automation can be applied to any task, but it often applies most successfully when you’re trying to streamline repetitive tasks that are used across multiple departments or locations.

Process Analytics Managed Services

The benefits of outsourced and managed services of process improvement can offer clear advantages for high-growth organizations across all sectors.



Controlled costs





Our end-to-end process transformation benefits span across the industry value chain.

Perceptif delivers significant business value to customers leveraging strong industry knowledge, best practice expertise, and AI-driven approaches. 

  • Dedicated centres of excellence with SMEs belonging to different product lines deliver innovative BPM solutions
  • Quickly build PoCs across domains leveraging our existing tools repository
  • Tailored solutions to suit customer needs and assist them in their automation journey
  • Outcome-based approach to process improvement initiatives
  • Data management services to ensure process data hygiene and effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement approach to business performance

Training Services

Perceptif offers a selection of training services for organisations to improve understanding, approach, and effectiveness with process mining, business improvements, and automation. 

Perceptif Training will assist to develop all required capabilities for effective process-based insights, improvements, and management leading to greater business performance. 

  • Process Design & Architecture Practices
  • Process Mining 101 - intersection of Process Improvement & Data Science
  • Process Effectiveness Measurement
  • Innovating Processes & Digital Blueprints
  • Process Modelling Excellence

Our expert training instructors carry extensive experience with leading consulting firms like PwC and KPMG, implementing process improvement initiatives on a global scale.

Training Courses Available

The benefits of outsourced and managed services of certain functions can offer clear advantages for high-growth organizations across all sectors.


Making the Case for Process Mining 

A one-day masterclass to address the essentials of what you absolutely need to know about your business - so you can effectively strategise, architect, prioritize changes, and remain agile in a competitive environment.


Process Analysis, Design & Improvement

A two-day workshop to introduce a systematic approach for your company’s strategy. 

This includes business process architecture, modeling, redesigning, and improving specific processes. Let’s tackle traditional process improvement and cover the differences required by a digitalized approach - which requires an emphasis on data integrity from end to end.

Why You Need Perceptif’s Services

Improve Performance

Business processes and performance are improved by using process mining and automation solutions to generate better results from your own data. How so? 
By reducing deviations and errors in operational processes, or increasing customer satisfaction rates through improved automation and documentation. 

Reduce Costs

Perceptif opens the door to cost savings on IT resources and other expenses related to running your organization’s operations efficiently. All this, without having to reinvent the wheel every time something needs fixing in an existing process — which requires significant time spent training new staff members already employed, who might not have sufficient expertise in this area!

Increase Efficiency

The ability to automate processes lets you achieve more, faster than ever before. This increased efficiency allows your business to run more efficiently and effectively, leading to optimal performance and saving you money on operating costs!

Improve Accuracy & Consistency

When applied to business processes across multiple departments or regions.

Improve customer experience with better communication between employees dealing with customers at all levels, including sales representatives, managers, etc.

Increase Employee Productivity

This can result from improved communication channels between employees (e-mail). Boosting employee productivity; automating repetitive tasks gives your employees more time to focus on value-added tasks. 
Employee productivity is a measure of employee efficiency in producing goods or providing services. This can be measured by calculating the amount of output produced per hour, and then comparing this figure with industry peers.