Auto Process Discovery

  • Accelerate digital transformation

  • Step up from traditional methods

  • Operate with data, not assumptions

Auto Process Discovery

Accelerate digital transformation in any industry by discovering and analyzing digital journeys.

A data-driven approach to understanding your business processes is more effective than traditional methods. No more process mapping in Visio, PPT or on whiteboards.  

Perceptif auto-discovers business processes by leveraging underlying data and applying AI to reveal the real-time reality. Discover what's really happening in your process flow instead of operating under assumptions, leading to significant business value.


Process Analytics

  • Experience the power of AI

  • Identify inefficiencies & bottlenecks

  • Reveal opportunities for improvement

Process Analytics

Let Perceptif handle the heavy lifting of business process discovery & synthesis.

Experience the power of AI and machine learning as we identify process bottlenecks, manual re-works, and improvements that can improve business efficiency and staff productivity.

Perceptif also highlight the gaps, challenges, and opportunities to improve your customers' journey and experience for better satisfaction.


AI-Driven Automation

  • Stop wasting time & money

  • Optimize before automate

  • Continuous cost-effective output

AI-Driven Automation

Automating broken processes wastes precious resources. Before trying to automate or migrate, understand what's actually happening with your business process and then optimize it for best results.

Now you've got systematic, streamlined automation that continuously delivers cost-effective output. AI-driven process mining makes it easier to automate tedious tasks. Time to focus on making an impact.

Stop wasting resources. Now, start optimizing processes for record-breaking performance.

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