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Unlock Process Mining

Introduction to process mining and how Perceptif can auto-discover your business processes for improvements

Process Analysis

Leverage advanced process analysis to uncover bottlenecks and streamline your processes

Flexible Whiteboards

Leverage BPMN notations, process flow diagrams & other capabilities to design target process models

Process Dashboards

Design Process Dashboards based on your requirements with Perceptif's intuitive & aesthetically-pleasing tools

What Is Process-Driven AI?

What does process-drive AI mean and how does it work to benefit your business process performance?

Introduction to Perceptif

Learn how process mining works to optimize processes and why this is important for your business.

Advanced Tutorials

Getting the hang of things? Take it to the next level.

Part 1: Purchase to Pay

The start of a demo series focused on process analysis in Purchase to Pay. Watch to learn how Perceptif works.

Part 2: Purchase to Pay

Explore process models by discovering underlying business flows to gain visibility & insights

Part 3: Purchase to Pay

Discover throughput time and other statistics in process performances. Identify bottlenecks & non-ideal variants.

Part 4: Purchase to Pay

Build dashboards and use visualization widgets to present process analytics & findings to stakeholders.

Industry Insights & Use Cases

Discover how process analysis works across the world and for your business.

Everything you need to know to better understand the value of Process Mining.

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