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Closing a deal is the end goal for every sales cycle. As with any business process, it's not as simple as show and tell to get customers purchasing. It should be a well thought out process involving multiple roles and stages that work in sync to successfully turn a prospect into a client.

You might think a charming sales executive drive sales, while data may suggest specific sources bring in more profitable leads.

Process mining, however, offers a better way to determine which action, at what step along the way, lead to closing sales. It's also a simple solution to managing leads by looking into cash flow, compliance, and problems in the sales process.

Your streamlined sales lead to close process  becomes scalable to generate consistent repeat business. Perceptif pioneers an approach to unleash business excellence through Process Intelligence Automation. This powerful tool opens doors to improve your operational performance, ensuring competitive advantage.

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Unlock operational excellence with process mining & automation. Businesses unprepared to take the next step in digital transformation will quickly get left behind in challenging times.

1. Conversion Rates

A common challenge in sales lead to close process is that standardized procedures on engaging with sales prospects are not necessarily followed by the sales representatives.

This is where process mining steps in to visualize a clear flow of the actual sales process from lead generation to closing sales. These vital insights shed light on details of client interactions, steps taken to pitch products/services, how much time each action takes, and more.

Armed with this, decision-makers can compare the reality of sales processes with the ideal models set as guidelines.

Recovery action can be taken and as the process is optimized, watch as conversation rates grow. With this information, you can also invest resources in better identifying qualified leads that offer the best chances of conversion. Redesign sales lead to close processes to target high potential customer categories, products, and sectors.

By successfully boosting lead conversation rates and performance, your business enjoy better revenue and profitability.

2. Reduce Lost Income

As a business, your goal is to shorten lead and reaction time in customer-facing processes for better results.

When sales lead and prospect management systems are out of step, the entire experience for both sides suffer - leading to unrealized revenue by customers. Process mining measures the resource costs for each variation or bottleneck, while pinpointing root causes like resource deficiencies, under-performance, tedious manual tasks, or bureaucracy.

Process analytics empowers you to seek and solve such income leakages with ease. All you need is data that you already have, like Case ID, Activity, and Timestamps in every entry log that you want to dive into for better sales lead to close processes.

3. Marketing Strategy

Where there's sales, there is marketing. Assessing marketing performance requires precise measurements of return on investments (ROI) from marketing planning and campaigns.

Of course, sales and marketing insights are factors considered when strategizing. However, we'd like to make it effortless by recommending process mining as an effective tool that offer precise data analysis and clear visuals into the process of marketing leads converting to sales.

Integrate your data from various systems that records customer interactions, and let Perceptif auto-discover processes that work and those that don't.

Perceptif analyzes digital breadcrumb trails of every customer's journey and your backend processes that impact their experience. It can show you leads based on product or service awareness channels, customer segmentations, and marketing tactics that maximizes sales.

Now, marketing and sales leads can work together and make data-driven decisions on where to invest resources into to optimize results.

With AI-driven analytics, your business can take action to harmonize sales and marketing processes to a functional flow.

4. Customer Satisfaction

It's often said that the customer is king, though many businesses may disagree to some extent.

Disputes and conflicts between sales representatives and customers are common, often relating to product specifications, prices, discounts, shipping coordination, and such. This uncomfortable part of the customer journey lowers your business reputation and overall customer satisfaction. Bottlenecks, long response time, or unnecessary steps involved affect lead to close performance can be identified with Perceptif's process mining.

Sales teams can also analyze these interactions and identify areas where improvements can be made. For example, pinpoint common issues or objections raised by customers and develop strategies to resolve them quickly, effectively.

This improves the overall quality of sales interactions and enhances customer satisfaction. The more data you input, the better process mining map out your actual customer journey.

When you have that mapped out effortlessly in real time, streamline processes with ease and accuracy. This is where automation can come in to further elevate your process efficiencies. Applying automation is proven to help smoothen communication with customers by providing a clear view of the sales process.

Customers can be kept informed about the progress of their orders, delivery schedules, and any potential issues. Improved transparency and proactive communication build trust and confidence, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

What Is Perceptif?

Perceptif is a powerful tool to unlock operational excellence with process mining & automation. It harnesses the power of big data technology and AI to pinpoint areas of process improvement. This is applied to multiple aspects of your business to save time, effort, and cost with minimal effort.

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