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Manufacturing is a complex process that covers a wide scope that includes product development, purchase to pay, inventory management, order to cash, warehouse management, and supply chain management. The more intricate a process expands, the more it benefits from process mining tools - analyzing and visualizing how well the process is fully executed by a factory, for example.

It uses records of events to understand steps involved in manufacturing goods. During the process, digital breadcrumbs in data form are collected at different workstations where materials are scanned and processed.

By looking at the most common paths taken by materials over a long period, we can understand how the manufacturing factory works.

Process mining open the doors to insights of specific parts within the production process, analyze them, and take data-driven action.

Perceptif pioneers an approach to unleash business excellence through Process Intelligence Automation. This powerful tool is key to optimizing operational performance, ensuring competitive advantage.

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Unlock operational excellence with process mining & automation. Businesses unprepared to take the next step in digital transformation will quickly get left behind in challenging times.

1. Compliance & Risks

Organizations invest into executing ideal manufacturing process flows with proper training and perhaps even automation of certain tasks. However, various challenges along the process - like human error - deviate from its ideal. Process mining is indispensable for quick, precise, and effortless conformance checks.

Use Perceptif to analyze your real-time process data to assess adherence to procedures, highlighting disparities between the ideal and actual process flow. Data-driven conformance checks is necessary for your business to streamline operations, minimize costs, reduce deviations, and maximize production results.

An additional advantage of process mining is its ability to estimate risks using factual data.

To address non-compliance issues and risks, it is vital to understand the "why" and "where" behind these process deviations. You want any variation that strays from your desired manufacturing process flow to be pinpointed clearly for you to work out an appropriate solution. By visualizing the extent of deviations, Perceptif can assess potential risks and offer corrective suggestions.

Plus, the effectiveness of these suggestions can be verified by re-running another analysis after implementation. All you need is data that you already have, like Case ID, Activity, and Timestamps in every entry log that you want to dive into for better compliance and risk mitigation.

2. Throughput Time

The more data you input, the better process mining map can tell you the frequency of activities and process throughput rate.

This tells you how fast, and how the manufacturing process actually gets completed each time. When you have that mapped out effortlessly in real time, streamline processes with ease and accuracy. Using the data collected, create reports that show key performance indicators (KPIs) and include the findings from audits. Identify unnecessary waiting times, harmful cross-departmental breakdowns, and avoidable bottlenecks.

Then strike them out for reduced cycle times and higher throughput.

If there are any issues or deviations in the process, alerts can be triggered and sent to relevant personnel who can intervene.

This shift from just reporting past events to actively addressing deviations that affect throughput time makes it a continuous and proactive effort. Sharing data and engaging all teams involved plays an important role in optimizing your production productivity. When teams work together towards achieving the KPIs, it bridges the gap between the ideal and actual manufacturing operation flow, bringing you closer to your business goals.

3. Digitalization & Automation

Process mining facilitates the digitalization of manufacturing process and clears the path to optimized automation.

This powerful tool allows you to compare your production and operational performance, accurately identifying automation opportunities. Insights gained highlight the importance and error rate for specific tasks, allowing you to prioritize exactly which task to automate like invoice processes or bill of materials (BOM).

This digitalized approach offers advantages like effective audits on all actual cases, continuous automation, tracing patterns with accuracy, prompt feedback loop, and intervention when deviations arise. Accelerate your organization's digital transformation by understanding and analyzing digital journeys in your process systems.

4. Cost Reduction

Process mining, when implemented in manufacturing, can bring significant impact on your organization's cost performance.

To strengthen operational flow and minimize deviations that are draining precious time and money, leaders need clear understanding and visualization of actual processes to take data-driven recovery action.

Identify bottlenecks for production and automation to run seamlessly. Pinpoint which point of the manufacturing process costs more than others, and its reasons. Repetitive and unnecessary activities can be removed from the equation to lower expenses. Discover the correlations between material defects and reworks.

When product manufacturing processes are optimized to its best potential, watch as operational costs reduce while quality processes are improved. A Finnish industrial manufacturing company reported operational cost reduction and process improvements by almost 60%. This success story shows how process mining is key to detecting deviations for recovery action to be taken, leading to lower expenditures and higher revenues in the long term.

Perceptif helps you do this with ease.

What Is Perceptif?

Perceptif is a powerful tool to unlock operational excellence with process mining & automation. It harnesses the power of big data technology and AI to pinpoint areas of process improvement. This is applied to multiple aspects of your business to save time, effort, and cost with minimal effort.

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