Why Perceptif's Process-Driven AI Is A Game Changer?

There have long been a few fundamental challenges associated with business process management.

But a relatively new and innovative technology, process mining as part of Process-driven AI, has the capability to revitalize process management in organizations that are looking at business process in a static form.

One problem involves the creation of “current state” processes — a description of how a business process is being performed today.

In business process reengineering, organizations are primarily interested in an improved “to be” process, so often they have little interest in exploring “as is” or how the process is currently performed. The other general problem with process management is the lack of connections between business processes and an organization’s enterprise information systems.

Process-driven AI softwares like Perceptif can help organizations easily capture information from enterprise transaction systems and provides detailed — and data-driven — information about how key processes are performing. It creates event logs as work is done: an order is received, a product is delivered, a payment is made.

The logs make visible how computer-mediated work is really happening, including who did it, how long it takes, and how it deviates from the average.

Process analytics create key performance indicators for the process, which enables a company to focus on the priority steps to improve.

The selection of where to apply process mining is important.

Organizations will get the best value from applying it to processes that have been digitized (i.e. supported by an IT system) and where there is still some unstructured work (i.e. reviews and approvals) that happen outside the IT system. Process improvement professionals appreciate that there’s much more than just data involved in improving complex, cross functional business processes.

Development of current state process flows is automatic and no longer labor-intensive.

Even if you’re not concerned with process management overall, or even the state of the broad process in which you work, you can find out what’s happening in your little piece of it and fix any problems.

If your company uses enterprise systems to support key business processes — and that’s almost every big firm these days — you should be exploring process mining.

Process-driven AI depicts a visually appealing and a data-based view of process performance.

This will attract the interest of senior executives, who can easily see where business problems and opportunities lie. It will reinforce an organization’s dedication to process-driven decision making.

The impact of this technology would be amplified when thinking about better customer experience, improving efficiency or managing risk & compliance.

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