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The logistics industry is a crucial component of the global economy, encompassing a range of activities involved in the efficient movement and management of goods, services, and information.

It plays a vital role in facilitating trade, supply chain operations, and the delivery of products to consumers - including those by freight forwarding companies and third-party logistics providers.

Technology-forward logistic companies embrace digitalized modern innovations to optimize operations and improve efficiency.

This includes transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), real-time tracking systems, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable better visibility, automation, and analytics. How can these come together harmoniously for smooth-sailing operations?

Perceptif pioneers an approach to unleash business excellence through Process Intelligence Automation.

This powerful tool opens doors to improve your operational performance, ensuring competitive advantage.

Solution Snapshot
with Process Mining

Unlock operational excellence with process mining & automation. Businesses unprepared to take the next step in digital transformation will quickly get left behind in challenging times.

1. Route Optimization

Every digital touchpoint in your process holds the truth behind processes executed by real people in actual situations.

Perceptif mines real data from the many points in your logistics systems to reveal analytics that show what's actually happening in processes, rather than a perceived flow. 

It unlocks operational excellence by analyzing process data in delivery routes, vehicle utilization, driver efficiency, and more - to identify optimal routes, improve load balancing, and minimize empty or unnecessary trips. Optimized route planning and transportation logistics are key points that helps helps reduce fuel consumption, transportation costs, and delivery times while improving resource utilization.

A process mining tool like Perceptif also provides real-time visibility into shipment status and tracking, leveraged to enhance transparency and provide up-to-date information to customers and stakeholders. As a business, your goal is to shorten lead and reaction time in customer-facing processes.

Data on shipment movements, events tracking, and milestones completed contribute to improved customer satisfaction and enables proactive problem-solving in case of disruptions.

In short, data-driven action taken to improve logistics processes can boost your customers and team members' overall experience.

2. Warehouse & Inventory

Where in warehouse operations and inventory management can be improved by process mining and automation?

Looking into warehouse activity, order fulfillment processing, and inventory movement data, logistics businesses can identify and eliminate inefficiencies with accuracy. Benefits include reduced stockouts, minimal excess inventory, and optimized warehouse layout for smooth-sailing work flows.

As warehouse and inventory costs lower, inventory accuracy and order fulfillment are also improved. Process analytics empowers you to seek and solve such gaps with ease. All you need is data that you already have, like Case ID, Activity, and Timestamps in every entry log that you want to dive into for better logistics management.

This also lets organizations track metrics like on-time delivery, order processing time, transportation costs, and customer satisfaction.

3. Demand Forecast

The more data you input, the better process mining map out your actual - not perceived - processes for an in-depth look.

Demand and supply is the core of businesses. There is little room for guesswork and assumptions, especially when you're competing on a global scale. Process mining can support accurate demand patterns, planning, and forecasting for greater success.

Improve demand planning, inventory replenishment, and resource allocation by analyzing data on order volumes, customer demand, and market trends. Understand the patterns as process analytics empowers you to seek and solve gaps with ease.

Optimize inventory levels, reduce stockouts, and enhance overall supply chain performance with Perceptif.

4. Regulatory Adherence

How can logistics businesses better maintain compliance with regulatory requirements with data?

Look into process data related to safety, environmental regulations, and documentation requirements with Perceptif's process mining. The more data you input, the better process mining map out your actual process flow.

It will highlight non-compliant activities or deviations from standard procedures, enabling implementation of appropriate controls, reduces compliance risks, and ensures adherence to industry regulations.

When you have that mapped out effortlessly in real time, streamline operations with ease and accuracy. Problems are revealed sooner with Perceptif's AI-powered tools, for resources to be optimized to your business advantage. This is where automation can come in to further elevate your process efficiencies.

What Is Perceptif?

Perceptif is a powerful tool to unlock operational excellence with process mining & automation. It harnesses the power of big data technology and AI to pinpoint areas of process improvement. This is applied to multiple aspects of your business to save time, effort, and cost with minimal effort.

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