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Gain real-time insights into business operations with AI-driven process mining & analytics.

Optimizebusiness processes.

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Auto ProcessDiscovery

Auto Process

Dig deep into your business flow. No more tedious, manual process mapping. Auto-discover processes to visualize it clearly.



Connect, analyze, and track digital data with process mining. Monitor and measure processes to gain real-time insights.



Automate tedious tasks to focus on high-priority work. When you understand your processes, automation makes it easier.

Unlock Operational Excellence with
Process Mining

Improve your process visibility for better operational efficiency, customer experiences, and more with minimal effort.

Unlock Operational Excellence with Process Mining

Process-Driven AI Make A Difference






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How It Works

Process Mining & Automation

Integrate data to discover your process reality.

What happens in reality rarely matches the ideal procedure. Perceptif auto-discovers your business operation's actual - not perceived - process flows. Identify inefficiencies that are wasting resources and holding back performance. All you need is data that you already have.

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Integrate data seamlessly to reveal your process reality.

Analyze business processes in real-time instantly!

Process mining is a simplified, practical approach to managing and evaluating data.  Let the power of AI and machine learning dissect business processes to share findings, problems, and gaps to determine improvement points. Accelerate your business growth with data-driven action.

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Analyze business processes in real-time instantly!

Optimize processes; let automation take over.

When data exposes the truth in broken processes, you understand and prioritize what requires immediate attention. Optimize workflows to their full potential before automating or implementing new projects to gain the best results. Automation makes your job easier; and lets you off tedious tasks.

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Optimize processes, then let automation take over.


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"Perceptif's system gave us process insights that reveal areas of business impact, and allow us to continuously improve driver and customer experience"

Testimonial Client

Customer Care

Business Analyst
Testimonial Rating
"I really like the problem that it solves - having been a part of several process mapping initiatives in big companies in the past.

This is an excellent process analysis tool"
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Procurement Specialist
Testimonial Rating
"For me, the value is that it's easy to identify bottlenecks and focus areas in your process and also the amount of time that it saves you.  The data is visualized in a way that you can explore it."
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Accelerate growth.
Any process, any industry.

Take digitalized processes to the next level. Boost business performance to lead your industry.










Consumer Goods

Seek & solve process inefficiencies in

Process title

Order to Cash

Customer Care

Customer Care

Order To Cash

Procure To Pay

Risk & Compliance

Hire To Retire

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

IT Service Management


Sales Lead To Close

Gain fact-based insights into current processes. Fix problems that drain cost and effort. Streamline operations with processes that truly work.

iNDUSTRY Insights

Uber: $20 million
efficiency gains

Process mining is the bridge between process science & data science. Various sectors of global businesses, like Uber, adopt this technology to increase process efficiency for economic & ecological benefits.

"You should explore process mining."

If your company uses enterprise systems to support key business processes — and that’s almost every big firm. It can solve problems & revitalize process management in firms where it has been dormant for years.

Enhance process efficiency with AI-enabled process mining

There are enough results to show that process mining has the potential to be a game-changer. Start thinking of the processes that you think merit optimization.

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Accelerate growth.Any process, any industry.

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What's new at Perceptif?

August 9, 2023

Exploring Process Mining in Finance: Top Use Cases for Streamlining Financial Operations

Perceptif AI leverages Process mining and AI to provide organizations with invaluable insights into their business processes. By leveraging event log data from various systems, process mining unveils a comprehensive view of how processes truly execute, enabling organizations to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and opportunities for optimization.

May 30, 2024

Revolutionizing Business Efficiency: The Synergy of AI and Process Mining

There are many applications of AI but business process transformation is one of the critical use cases. The business impact of process mining & AI will be significant for efficiency improvement, cost reduction and ensure compliance

August 9, 2023

Improve Customer Journey With Process Mining

Let Perceptif demonstrate how process mining improves customer journey analytics - its benefits, use cases, and challenges.

Stop wasting resources. Now, start optimizing processes for record-breaking performance.

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Accelerate growth.Any process, any industry.