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Made for Process Driven Transformation

Perceptif  makes it easier to analyse  processes and create a business impact


Fast Track & Improve Business
Performance with Process AI

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Powerful AI Driven Analytics

The heavy lifting of business process discovery & synthesis is done already. 

Intuitive Design 

Perceptif has simplified the approach to managing process information and gleaning insights

Collaborate with Teams

Analysts can easily share problems, gaps and determine process improvements alongside their team

Get started with 

Process Templates

Let our gallery of process templates inspire your next project. It’s easy to take one of our best practice templates and make it yours.


Bring Any Data Source

Whether its a CSV file or Google Sheets or a database or application — Perceptif makes it effortless to bring your data

Go Freestyle with Whiteboards

Add your data-driven process maps or collaborate with the team to design the right business process for your organisation. Perceptif keeps every process beautifully consistent.



Our goal is to make your job easier

Process Improvement can be hard. Most tools force you to figure out workarounds that slow you down. With Perceptif, working together is effortless.


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Find Insights from any Data Source

Perceptif has an ever growing number of data connectors so if its not on the list - send us a request and we'll add it for you

Simple & Intuitive UI/UX

Let our gallery of process templates inspire your next project. It’s easy to take one of our best practice templates and make it yours.


Powerful Adhoc Analysis

Let the power of AI and machine learning identify process bottlenecks, manual re-work and improvements that can improve business efficiency and staff productivity

Journey Analysis

Understanding your customer's journey is critical to the overall customer experience. Or brand experience? Or User experience?

Perceptif helps to highlight the gaps, challenges and opportunities to improve the customer experience



Discover these features and more...

Process Intelligence

Process intelligence is more than just dashboards, it provides a continuous feed of signals to ensure the business is running optimally

It highlights pain points and challenging areas that may require deeper analysis or automatio

Format like a designer

Make quick updates or add corporate color schemes or logo's. Perceptif makes it easy to design and share the process intelligence findings with stakeholders - all the time making it visually appealing and formatted

Predictive Operations

Optimize real time business process flows and ensure that everything is running smoothly

No worries, if there are problems, Perceptif will highlight and recommend the next best actions

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