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About Us

We've been consulting with clients for many years in the areas of process improvement, business intelligence and data management. With recent advances in big data technologies and AI - we decided to build a product that business analysts and functional leaders will love. 

Business Woman


Solving Big Problems

& Changing Mindsets 

with a

process-driven approach

Whether a scaling startup or large global MNC, process improvement drives better business outcomes. 

Perceptif wants to drive change in the world, one process at a time......

Information Technology


In the digital and data-driven world, businesses should be autonomous - ever growing with real time data streams that are making millions of decisions per second. 

Without understanding the internal and inter-connected processes around us - how can we manage this dynamic environment. 

At Perceptif, we believe that processes are what connects us and through this insight - we can make a difference

Information Technology
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